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Murat Bingöl born in Berlin.He went to Izmir for his education when he was 7.He finished his elementary education,secondary education and lyceum at Izmir.He went to Istanbul for his university education at 1997 and joined Marmara Fine Arts with Championship.He returned to Berlin at 2001 cause of Economic Crisis and finished his Illustration printing craft at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.He came to Turkey at 2005 and finished his discontinued University.He has opened Modern Factory at 2009 with his partner Çağatay Odabaş and continued his work and given lessons.He is still continues his graduate education and makes Character and Illustration works for many publication houses and firm.


İllustratör    Murat BİNGÖL  (İllustrator)

Filiz Bingöl Badioğlu (Coloring)

jedimurat@msn.com / jedimurat@gmail.com


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